Jordan is a modern country, a holy river, and an ancient culture- a timeless physical and spiritual panorama of prophets,miracles,and human faith. The very name of the country - Jordan - retains the unique baptismal aura of a holy river and a blessed land.

God's command of righteousness and His promise of eternal love and peace through faith are deeply etched into the earth and memories of Jordan.


Visitors and citizens daily walk through the plains, valleys, hills,mountains and streams whose names were forever fixed into human consciousness by the simple deeds and the profound messages of prophets - Abraham, Moses, Lot, Aaron, Elijah, Joshua, Jesus, John the Baptist, Mohammad and others who walked this land and crossed its river during their missions on earth.

Many of the sites where they performed miracles or reached out to ordinary people are identified, excavated, protected and easily accessible to visitors. 

For a religious pilgrimage or touristic visit to the holy land of Jordan, the Bible is more than a document of faith — it is also a gazetteer and a virtual road map of ancient places, people and events associated with this serene and spiritual land.



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Hi let me introduce my self:

My name is Raed Haddad, Started my career in tourism business as a tour guide since 1992 and still practicing this job that I truly loved with all my heart.

16 years in this field have created a great desire inside me as a human first and a professional guide second to understand more how the human kind could survive all those million of years on the surface of our planet earth without the existence of any true technology or any complicated equipments and tools to either produce or consume.

It is about time to search the knowledge of those ancient civilizations who have left us a great treasure to explore and to learn from.

Dear All It is a bit disappointing to see where this business have got to, I am seeing everyone is designing and selling the exact tour for all nationalities regardless their different interests and needs, Tourism is not just about money, it’s about Traditions, Faith, Dignities, different believes, different cultures and accepting them, and in order to accept and take strange things into our lives somebody has to explain it to us in life using life examples during our travelling and expereincing the difference.

Dear visitors, let me help you to see Jordan the way I see it as a Jordanian loves his country and has deep roots in it’s solid soil, let me help you to discover the land of wonders, and take your hand to travel along the routes made thousands of years ago and follow the steps of the profits and dig the truth out.

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